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Here you will find whats just been released for your ride. Please check this section regularly as we release several new products every month.


Torque Solution

Torque Solution Mounts Increase horsepower by reducing frictional lost due to poor axle geometry. Axle geometry under acceleration is very critical when trying to apply horsepower. Poor axle geometry is caused when engine and suspension center lines are changed. By installing Torque Solution Billet engine mounts engine center line are kept within precision tolerances.

  • Improved 60ft
  • Improved traction
  • Better axle geometry
  • Lightweight billet aluminum material
  • Black anodizing
  • Improved acceleration


Torque Solution

Torque Solution includes 2 urethane bushings and a sleeve for the PASSENGER side and 2 urethane bushings and a sleeve for the DRIVER side. Upgrading your stock rubber bushings to urethane bushings will help reduce engine movement and wheel hop. This means you receive better traction, which will improve your 60ft and 1/4 mile time. Affordable price, easy install, and most importantly you'll see and feel the advantages.

  • Reduced 60ft's
  • Reduced e.t.'s
  • Improved traction
  • 60 durometer urethane
  • Steel sleeves
  • Easy installation
(These bushings also fit the Mitsubishi Lancer and Dodge Caliber models. Visit for more information.)


Evo Torque Solution

(Mitsubishi EVO X)

If there is anyone paving the way in the Mitsubishi EVO X community Big Valley Performance may be the front runner. On October 26th 2008 driver Oscar Robles ran the a new world record for a stock app EVO X with a 10.79 @ 124mph.

Before the new world record, Big Valley Performance, Oscar Robles, and Gadiel Tuning teamed up to become the first EVO X in the 11's and also the winner of the EVO X class of the 16th Buschur DSM/EVO Shootout in 2008.

Big Valley and company are one's to look out for in 2010. Big Valley looks to add on to their amazing list of accomplishments and continue to be on the forefront of EVO X performance.

Big Valley is yet another testament to what Torque Solution can help you accomplish in your pursuit of goals. Our proven reliability, durability and performance is unmatched. Torque Solution is and will continue to be a leader in aftermarket billet engine mounts.


Evo Torque Mount Kit

The Torque Solution EVO motor mounts are made from high grade billet a aluminum material, polyurethane bushings, and steel pins. Here at Torque Solution our mounts are anodized black with torque solution laser engraved. These mounts can be seen on some of the fastest street and track EVO's in the world. These mounts have been tortured tested and proven to hold over 1000HP and 8sec 1/4 mile e.t's. These mounts bring world class performance to you for an affordable cost. Rest assured you are getting a mounts that will be reliable for years to come and help you win on race day!

The kit consists of the following
  • Rear engine mount
  • Front engine mount
  • Passenger side engine mount
  • Transmission mount (5 speed or 6 speed)


Evo Torque


Featured in this issue is Torque Solution sponsored Mitsubishi Evolution of AWD Motorsports. This evo is the quickest 4g63 EVO 8 in the USA. On June 5th of 2009 AWD motorsports set the record at Palm Beach International raceway (PBIR) with a blistering 8.75 @ 163mph. What's in store next for the folks at AWD motorsports? They plan on digging deeper into the 8sec range and into territory that only a handful in the world have been able to reach in an Evo.

This Evo sports the Torque Solution complete mount kit seen featured above. This is a testament to Torque Solutions quality, reliability, durability, and performance. Not many mounts can say they have been torture tested like Torque Solution and can stand up to the tasks at hand. With prices like Torque Solution you can see that its not hard getting race winning performance at a cost affordable to many.